Natural Hair Challenge 2014 - "It's All Mine"
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This Event has been Cancelled !!!

This Event has been Cancelled !!!

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Archive - from June 2011
     Welcome everyone, I'll keep this short. The purpose of the ("It's All Mine... Natural Hair Challenge 2014") is for Afro American Women who desire longer hair to challenge themselves to grow their own hair to a length that is satisfactory to them. After two and a half years, we want to eliminate the tendency to wear wigs, weaves and braid extensions. Our goal is to grow out our own hair “Naturally” without any chemical relaxers or perms.
      Make a commitment today and have a head full of hair by June 2014. It’s FREE to join as a participating member!!!
       Hair grows about ½ inch per month, so in one year you could easily grow 6” of hair.  In two and a half years you could grow 15 inches of natural hair and even more if your factor in the hair you started with.  If you started with 4" of hair, that could easily total 19 inches of hair … Wow! That is a Lot of Hair and it can be yours if you will make a long term  commitment within the next few months.  Just think about how you will feel with your Beautiful Long Natural Healthy Hair!!!
     A few years is not a long time when you think about the rewards.
      Ask your daughter or friends to take this Challenge too. Maybe a friend or cousin can help you through the challenge and keep you motivated.
      Are you tired of buying hair?  We have worn all the styles... from short to long.  Now let's challenge ourselves to grow our own !!!
Just think about how you will feel at the end of this Challenge. You won’t have to hear all the negative crap about wearing , weaves or wigs, and you will be "Free" of the frustration of unnatural (chemically treated) hair. Remember we don't have "bad hair" we have coily corkscrew growing hair and we  have to be very gentle and very patient with our unique type of hair.  Click on the Youtube link on the left and check out some of the Sisters with LONG natural hair.
                    Think about it…
       In less than three years you will be so much happier with your hair. Make a commitment today! Grow your own Natural Hair.
 During the next few years go ahead and wear whatever hair growing style you like; braids, wigs or twists etc. and wait for the results !!!
Please take a few minutes to sign-up and take the challenge.
  Kick-Off ed June 7, 2011 
Sign-up Ended on May 27, 2012
"Closer to My Dreams"
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